JK1 and JK1.6 winch electric applied outdoor for winching the boat from the sea

AQ-JK 1.6 ton electric winch for UAS customer

May in last year, Aimix – one of the compact electric winch suppliers receive a free inquiry from one person in UAE who own several boats for fresh sea products. He said that he wants to purchase two electric strap winch for winching the boat from the sea in outdoor. Besides, he also required that the power supply will be 3-phase type 400V AC.

Electric winch solution

Aimed at his requirements, we introduced him to our AQ-JK series electronic winch, due to the use of YZR motor, elastic coupling, and seal type gearbox driving drum, as well as the 400 type electro-hydraulic brake, the AQ-JK series 240v electric winches produced by our factory enjoy high universality, in additional this specific working site, this fast electric winch 120v for sale are also widely used in construction sites, harbor and water conservancy projects. The customer is satisfied with our AQ-JK 110v electric winch machine, after saw our factory and production line for motor winch he was so trust us, and then made a final decision to order his winches from our factory.

Then, aimed at his real condition, we discussed with our overhead electric drum winches machine solution that made by our professional engineer with 11 years experience. In general, this customer was pleased with our electric winch price and design program. After about 3 hour’s discussion, we finally came to an agreement. We offer this UAE customer these 110v winches with the dimension, 1060*430*710 185KG 3pcs, 1360*530*710 380KG 3pcs, 1660*640*870 660KG 3pcs, 960*480*730 82KG 1pc.

Finally, the customer decided to order two our AQ-JK series cheap electric winch 110v for sale, one is AQ-JK1 110v winch and the other is AQ-JK 1.6 110v winches. During the production, we send the wire rope and mill test certification of these powered winches to our customer with the B/L together, as well as the original documents.


In the procession of lightweight electric winch 120v production, we made a deep friendship with our customer. He was very pleased with our fast delivery, factory price, as well as the strict and responsible attitude. He said that he was so motivated when we solve his any problem timely and efficiently. He not only wanted to build to long-term cooperative relationship, but he will recommend our 120v winches for sale to his friends and relatives.

Do the best winches, Aimix – the reliable 120v electric winch manufacturer is always on the way. We are ready to solve your any problem and question about lifting and moving, with more than 100 types winch available, and exported high-profile components, we are quite confident to custom and produce your particular heavy duty electric winch 240 voltage for high productivity and efficiently.


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