Hoist winch applied to chimney maintenance

AQ-JM 5ton electric winch for South Africa customer

One our customers in South Africa two years ago send us a free inquiry for purchase a hoist and winch electric for his chimney maintenance. Due to convenient electric supply, he wanted to the small electric hoist winches for sale.

Choosing procession

After communication, we knew that the goods he would like to lift by our hydraulic hoist winches or electric hoist winches is no more than 10 ton, and considering the safety and work efficient, we recommend him the AQ-JM series electric industrial winch hoist equipments. Because of the constant and stable wire rope lifting speed, and high safety, our AQ-JM series electric winch hoists is the first choice for all kinds of large concrete and steel structure and the cable, as well as for the construction and Installation Company, mining area and factory building. At the same time, the AQ-JM series winch and hoist for sale is also suitable for anchoring, mooring or towing a boat. In additional, you will also can find these hydraulic hoist and winch for sale in some big equipments’ installation, which including the large-scale factories and electrical engineering equipments.

At first, the client was hesitant to choose us or not, however, after saw our factory and production line, as well as those high-profile imported components, he decided to make us as his small electric hoist winch supplier.

Our professional hoist and winch engineers made a specific engine winch hoist for sale according to the real condition he said. We finally made our mind to supply him one AQ-JM5 brake winch hoist electric, which has 50 KN rated load at last, 10m rated speed, 270 rope capacities and 21.5 mm rope diameter, at the same time, the weight of this entire winch and hoist equipment is no more than 1560kg, the orm dimension is 1235*1230*805.

Each step we produce this JM5 electric winch hoist equipment, we always told our client the detail, we would send him the mill and wire rope test certification along with B/L, we would also confirm the logo and color that used in this hoists and winches machine, as well as we informed our customer timely about the shipment time and place.

During no more than 2 months, we produced one satisfied hoist winch electric for this South Africa client, not only with high quality and safety, but also in the great appearance. With one year free maintenance and lifetime maintenance, we ensure our customer far away with all the trouble brought by our small electric hoist winch for sale.


From the doubt to us at beginning to the deep trust, we are so proud for our professional brake winch hoist expert’s team and skilled workers, as well as our strict and responsible attitudes. Though this one customer, we not only wins a deep friendship with him, but also expands our market and gets more customers.


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