5 ton mooring electric boat winch for sale

Electric boat winch for sale

With more and more industry on sea growing, electric boat winch for sale plays essential and irreplaceable role to anchor, mooring, towing or moving all kinds of vessels. Rely on advanced technology and professional engineer teams, Aimix Group can offer you all usages of boat winch electric for sale.

Ellsen electric boat winches for sale for anchoring
Ellsen large stock capstan electric boat winch for sale
Ellsen mooring electric boat winch for sale
Ellsen towing winch for sale

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Mainly design and produce all kinds of boat electric winches below 350 ton rated load, we are famous in winch industry around the world. Our electric sailboat winches can be divided into two big groups, one is the specialized best electric boat winch for sale, which mainly can be classed into anchor winch for sale, mooring winch for sale, tugger winch, capstan winch. There are so many types of this special electric winches for sailboats, also have the windlass gypsy for sale, free fall winch for sale, horizon capstan, vertical capstan, and so on. This kind of electric winch sailboat is mainly used in marine industries, no matter for small boats or big vessels. Due to various using in our daily life for these boat lift electric winch for sale, no matter works under the sea 500m, or just on offshore to mooring or towing ships, you can always get in Aimix. The second is all kinds of winches for sale, which has widely using than electric boat winches for sale, mot only can be used on deck or offshore for boats, but also can be used in many kinds of construction sites, such as bridge, road construction, building projects and so on. Compare with those specialized electric boat winch with remote, the electric winches for sale is cheaper in some degree, and also different with the automatic boat winch that grouped into function or usage, the land and marine electric winches classed by speed and different model. Such as the slow speed electric winch for sale, high speed electric winch for sale.

Detail of sailboat electric winch for sale

Just as mentioned above, electric winch for boat can be divided into many types. Then is the comprehensive of these high quality electric boat winches for sale.

1. Electric boat anchor winch for sale and electric anchor windlass for boats

Considering all boat winch electric cost effective and high productivity, under the same function, you can get the best electric boat winches for sale or electric windlass for sailboats. Similar in design structure and appearance, the litter difference between electric winch for sailboats and electric boat windlass is with or without gypsy. Usually, the electric boat windlass only has gypsy wheel, in which the wire rope or cable twisted, then to anchor boats. Differ from the windlass, boat winches electric for sale both have drum and gypsy wheel to pull heavier weights or boats. In a word, the boat electric anchor winch more use for ships or vessel that have deeper anchoring. Usually, when the heave-up depth below 100m, the electric anchor windlass is the best choice, on the contrary, the electric anchor winches for boats are better.

Hot anchor electric boat winch exported into Australia in factory price and high quality

 double gypsy anchor boat winch electric for sale
double gypsy anchor boat winch electric for sale

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
No. of gypsy: double
Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

Both our boat anchor winches electric and boat electric anchor windlass can choose single drum or double drum, however, rated load of vice drum on boat electric anchor winches is smaller than maim drum, at the same time, the vice drum also don’t need clutch in the electric boat anchor winch for sale. These two drums on electric anchor winches for boats are separate to towing and anchoring the boats. If you have any requirement for best boat anchor winches electric, you can send us your free inquiry.

2. Capstan winch for boats

According to different design structure, our capstan boat lift electric winches can be divided into horizon capstan electric winches for sailboats, and vertical capstan electric winches sailboats. Similar in usage, different from position and assemble way between horizon capstan boat lift electric winches and vertical electric winches for boat lift. Just like the name implies, the vertical capstan electric boat winches for sale is stand on end on deck of vessels, with motor and reducer both on deck, which the horizon capstan electric boat winch with remote keep the motor and reducer under the deck, and the automatic winches boat project head on the deck. You can choose freely according to the real situation of your boats.

Though the electric capstan winch for boats is popular, we can also design and produce the hydraulic, air capstan winch for sale. Just send your capstan winches for boat to us now.

3 sets vertical capstan for sale ordered by Vietnam customers to pulling boat in large stock

 capstan boat lift electric winch for sale
capstan boat lift electric winch for sale

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
Wire rope capacity: customized
Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
Driven type: electric, hydraulic

3. Electric mooring winch for boats and sailboat electric towing winch for sale

Besides the main two electric boat winches mentioned above, we also offer you the mooring and towing boat winch electric for sale. Mooring boat electric winches for sale mainly designed to park the boat to fixed points on port or harbor, and the towing electric sailboat winches is in charge of connect these vessels without power on the sea. Though a little different in usage, the mooring electric winches sailboat can also come true the function of towing for the boats. If you need these best and high quality electric winches for boat, or hydraulic winch with bigger related load, send your free inquiry to us.

Quality towing and mooring boat electric winch for sale purchased by England and Thailand customers with advanced technology

 5 ton towing electric sailboat winch for sale
5 ton towing electric sailboat winch for sale

5 ton mooring electric boat winch for sale
5 ton mooring electric boat winch for sale

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More information about our mooring and towing electric boat winch for sale, click mooring winch for sale and tugger winch for sale page, you will get all you want there.

Electric boat winches specification

1.Single or double drum to choose freely, with or without gypsy wheel.
2.Strong wire rope or cable optional for every electric boat winches design
3.500m rope length, 350 ton pulling capacity, and 30m/min speed on boat winces electric machines for sale. As well as you can choose our customized design service for your electric sailboats winches.
4.With IP54 marine painting, as well as free protection shied ensure electric winches for sailboats have long service life.

Besides these electric boat winches for sale, we also can offer you the hydraulic or air power supply boat winch for sale. Send your boat winch inquiry to us now.

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