Different Types of Windlass

The windlass is used to collect and place anchors and anchor chains. The windlass is usually installed on the main deck of the ship’s head and stern, which is used for the ship’s anchoring and mooring (to make the ship relatively fixed safely and reliably, to make the ship brake in an emergency, and also to help the ship safely and quickly pull away from the wharf). The rollers on both sides of the sprocket can be used for winding up the cable. Classifications of Windlass Windlass can be divided into manual windlass, electric windlass, electric hydraulic windlass and steam windlass according to different power. At present, electric hydraulic windlasses and electric windlasses are the main windlasses on sea ships. The windlass is mainly composed of base, bracket, chain wheel, brake, chain wheel, gearbox, electric control system (except for manual windlass). The electric windlass has electric motor and the hydraulic … Read more…

Hidden Risk of Accident While Using Winch

The winch has the advantages of large bearing capacity, stable and reliable hoisting and wide range of running speed, which makes the winch be used widely in different places and environment. However, due to the lack of awareness and effective methods for the safe use of the winch, production accidents are often caused. Hidden risk of accident: 1.The winch is not firmly fixed and the ground anchor is not firmly set, resulting in displacement and overturning of the winch. 2.There is no protective device on the drum to prevent the wire rope from slipping or the protective device is set unreasonably and unreliably, resulting in the wire rope leaving the winch. 3.The end of the wire rope is not fixed or the fixation does not meet the requirements, causing the wire rope to fall off. 4.The actuator of winch mechanism fails to locate.