Best winches for sale

240v electric winch machine in 5 ton lifting capacity for sale
Ellsen hoist winch electric with fast delivery for sale
Ellsen industrial winch systems for lifting for sale
JZ electric single drum winch for sale
ellsen cable winch for sale
Ellsen mile marker hydraulic winch for sale

As the indispensable equipment, the winch plays an important role in modern society for lifting, transportation and pulling weight. Commonly, the lifting winch system for sale refers to the light or small lifting winch equipment, which uses the drum to twisted wire rope or chain or cable to up and pull goods. Sometimes, we also called the high speed winches as windlass, crane winch for lifting, overhead winch crane, lifting winch, high speed winch for lifting, engine winch and winch system and so on.

According to different standard, a winch crane can be divided into several types, take the power supply for example, Aimix not only is the hand winch suppliers, electric winch crane suppliers, but hydraulic winching equipment dealer, as well as in charge of diesel winch installation. General speaking, the most common use is the electric winch lift. As an important lifting equipment, the winchs can be use alone to lift and pull, it also can be one part of some other large lifting equipment such as the road and bridge construction. The winches for sale are used widely for easy operation, big rope capacity and convenient movement. We can find a winch system so many times in construction sites, water conservancy project, forestry, mine area, harbor and so on.

Two main power supply of winch

There are three hottest winches in our factory according our sales volume; they are the electric crane winch for sale and hydraulic winch system for sale.

2 JK 240v electric winches order from Vietnam

240v electric winch for sale

Electric winch 240v has became the necessary pulling tool in our daily life. With more than 60 years electric winches ...
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240v electric winch machine in 5 ton lifting capacity for sale

Electric Winch For Sale With One Year’s Free Maintenance

Top quality electric winches test in our factory What Should You Know About An Electric Lifting Winch As we all know, ...
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Double brake hydraulic winch system

Hydraulic Winch For Sale With Reasonable Price

As necessary lifting equipment, hydraulic winch also can be called hydraulic lifting winch, hydraulic winch system and hydraulic recovery winches ...
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industrial winch systems for lifting for sale

Fast Delivery Industrial Winch For Sale

Your ideal industrial winch system supplier Overview of industrial winch The industrial winch is mainly designed for poor working environment ...
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Best winches for industrial

One of our most famous winch comparison product is industrial super winch, which is designed for many industrial working sites, such as the shipyard, hydro-power station, iron and steel company, thermal power plant smoke cook overhaul project, the production line in steel scrap company, bridge girder machine, iron and steel company lime kiln feeding company and mining group.

  1. Electric winch sale

Commonly, the electric winch machine owns more customer and market when compared with the hydraulic winch solutions. While the biggest difference between the electric winch design and hydraulic winch installation is the power supply. According to the name, we will get the electric winch is drives by motor, and though the actuating device making the drum to rotating. Usually, we use the transducer to control the speed of motor.

  1. Hydraulic winch prices

Though not used widely as the electric winch, the hydraulic winch also is the popular winch for many working sites that the electric isn’t get easily. Aimed at customers’ different requirements, we are able to custom and produce many kinds of hydraulic winch prices in low and competitive, such as the concealed hydraulic winch manufacturers, exposed hydraulic winch for sale, high speed hydraulic winch lift and low speed hydraulic winch design. Commonly, the hydraulic winch system is made up of nine significant parts, which are the hydraulic motor, control valve, gearbox, drum, support, clutch, rope guider and mounting bracket.

Three main crane winch products from structure

hoist winch electric with fast delivery for sale

Hoist Winch For sale At Factory Price

Professional hoist winch manufacturer Main working principle of hoist winch As important lifting equipment, the hoist winch can be also ...
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JZ electric single drum winch for sale

Low cost drum winch for sale

Top quality drum winch for sale at low price Overview of drum winch As one of the most common winch, ...
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cable winch for sale

High profile components in cable winch for sale

Work Principles Of Cable Winch Usually, the cable winch is mainly made up of five parts, they are winch mount, ...
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1.Drum winch
For our entire lifting winch crane, we can design single drum overhead winch system, double drum super winch crane or even multi-drum crane winches according to customers’ requirements.

2. Cable winch
In some degree, we also can called the cable lifting winch for sale as rope super winch machine, wire rope crane winch installation, however, one important point is the cable is stronger than rope.

3.  Hoist winch
We are quite confident to manufacture so many types of hoist winches to meet all your lifting or pulling requirements for our clients.We are the best overhead winch manufacturers for so many kinds of hoist lifting winch industry for lifting goods, maximum raise the work efficiency and productivity.

Popular marine winch for sale

good anchor windlass for sale

Anchor windlass for sale

Anchor windlass is one of common type anchor winch for sale, which is mainly used to deploy and retract anchor ...
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lifetime maintenance anchor towing winch for sale

Towing winch for sale

Basic information of towing winchTow winch successful caseSend Free Inquiry Towing winch for sale Towing winch for sale is one ...
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Horizontal type cable capstan for sale

Capstan winch for sale

Basic Information of Capstan WinchCapstan Winch ProjectsSend Your Free Inquiry During so many vessel actions, the capstan winch plays an ...
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15 ton hydraulic tugger winch for sale

Tugger winch for sale

Basic Information Of Tugger Winch Tugger Winch ProjectsSend Your Free Inquiry With the development of marine transport industry, tugger winch ...
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15T hydraulic mooring winch for Vietnam client

Mooring winch for sale

Basic Information Of Mooring winchMooring winch projectsSend Free Inquiry Mooring a vessel to the port or harbor for any purposes ...
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Winch clients visit our factory

Customers from Pakistan visit our factory for buying the hydraulic winch for sale

Winch clients visit our factory Oct, 6th last year, five clients from Pakistan visit our winch hydraulic factory for one hydrolic winch for their construction projects, our sales manager Yan entertain them with warm reception. This ...
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JK 1.6 ton electric winch for UAS customer

JK1 and JK1.6 winch electric applied outdoor for winching the boat from the sea

AQ-JK 1.6 ton electric winch for UAS customer May in last year, Aimix – one of the compact electric winch suppliers receive a free inquiry from one person in UAE who own several boats for fresh ...
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JM 5ton electric winch for South Africa customer

Hoist winch applied to chimney maintenance

AQ-JM 5ton electric winch for South Africa customer One our customers in South Africa two years ago send us a free inquiry for purchase a hoist and winch electric for his chimney maintenance. Due to convenient ...
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Seven main types of our construction winch

As a famous high speed winch sale manufacturer in China, we can produce many kinds of winch and winch on the basis of customers’ requirements. During which crane winch design is the five basic types, the AQ-JM series slow speed winch machine, the AQ-JK series high speed winch solutions, the AQ-JKL series hand control high speed free rolling winch design, the AQ-JKD series winch  installation and the AQ-JMM series winch system design.

Irreplaceable features of these five basic winches

 JM and JK series winches
AQ-JM and AQ-JK series winches

AQ-JM type slow speed winch tool

The AQ-JM type series winch industry is mainly designed for hoisting pull and unloading tows the weight drop. For example all kinds of large and middle concrete construction of steel, installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment. The AQ-JM type slow speed winch mechanism is suitable for construction and installation engineering of construction installations enterprise, mining area, and factory and also can be used for anchoring, mooring and towing on boat or at harbor.

AQ-JK high speed crane winch design

This series winching equipment mainly used for materials lifting and traction the weight droops during construction. It also used for crane as main hoist. The AQ-JK high speed winch application is the special winch uses of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. For the AQ-JK high speed crane winch design, it is suitable for construction and small equipment installation of construction mine area lifting factory.

 JKL, JKD and JMM series winch
AQ-JKL, AQ-JKD and AQ-JMM series winch

AQ-JKL series hand control high speed free rolling super winch

The AQ-JKL series free rolling crane winch solutions mainly used for construction factory and mine port and etc engineering vertical lifting weight drops, especially used in bridge dock construction base engineering freefall punching piling operation. The structural character is main shaft rotating (known as rotating shaft).

AQ-JKD series lifting winch

AQ-JKD series overhead winch industry is a new hoist, which is a planetary drive with small teeth deterrence. At the same time, the AQ-JKD series heavy duty winch price is quite lower, which makes a winch also be the ideal replacement of traditional hoist. Due to these many advantages, such as the compact structure, stable running, convenient operation, easy maintenance, 10w noise level, the advantages of long life. AQ-JKD engine winch comparison the other winches is widely used in building construction, piers, bridges and metallurgical industries of lifting and installation. The AQ-JKD series small winches for sale are not only in line with national CB/T10055-1996 construction hoist safety rules but also in keeping with national industry standard JGJ88-92 Elevator Safety Technical Specification.

AQ-JMM series lifting winch

The JMM series winch lift systems are mainly designed for all kinds of large and super large concrete and steel structure and cables, cable and large travel distance of the distance of the traction of lifting. The smartest feature of the JMM series winch cranes are that the stable and constant speed of rope speed. The JMM series winch lift machine is applicable to various bridge, port and dock engineering and construction of large-scale bridge etc and large factories, power engineering equipment installation.

 thoughtful winch service for our customer
thoughtful winch service for our customer

Sometime, consdering cost-effective, we also can design these kinds of winches with specified marine painting to use as the electric boat winches to help ships to towing, mooring and anchoring, which also have top quality and long service life. More information about these you can visit electric winches for boats, mooring winches for sale, tugger winches for sale and gypsy winches.

Four main services Aicrane winch suppliers offer for our customer

  1. Free design. Our more than 50 professional heavy duty winch comparison engineers and experts that at least take on overhead winch mechanism five years can design several suitable programmers for client on the basis of their demands and working environment. What’s more, the design is FREE, WITHOUT any fee.
  2. Trusted guidance in installation. If our clients had any problem about the engine winch tool installation, we will try our best to help them.
  3. Free operator training. In order to make sure our entire super winch equipment operator can run our crane winch for sale correct and safe, as well as ensure the long service work of overhead winch crane; our specialized engineers will provides all-sides training about high duty winch lift manipulation.
  4. One year free maintenance and lifetime maintenance. For our entire engine winch system, we guarantee that the one year free maintenance for the people who buy winch from super winch manufacturers. With the sales national, and the customer worldwide, the maintenance service will be timely and conveniently.

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